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Laboratory Services

Certispec maintains state of the art laboratory testing facilities that are equipped to handle testing and analysis of a wide range of commodities including

  • petroleum products
  • petrochemicals
  • vegetable oils

  • coal and coke
  • concentrates
  • fertilizers
  • food stuffs
  • waste water

Key Benefits

  • Independent analysis of product quality for custody transfer purposes.
  • Independent, third party analysis for dispute resolution.
  • Prompt service.

Our laboratories are equipped with state of the art testing apparatus and routinely perform independent analysis on such commodities as fertilizers (sulphur, potash and urea), petroleum crude oil and refined petroleum products (diesel oil, motor gasoline, jet fuel, fuel oil), petrochemicals (such as toluene, nonene and methanol), edible grains (wheat, barley) and vegetable oils.

We are a full FOSFA member analyst.

We are an analyst member of GAFTA

In addition to being certified to ISO standard 9001:2015 (Quality Management System) our laboratories are also enrolled in a number of industry "round robin" groups so that we may continually monitor our performance.