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The Certispec Group of Companies with headquarters in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada offers independent inspection services to key industries including agricultural and fertilizers, forest products, petroleum and petrochemicals, metals and minerals.


We are able to offer a truly world wide service through our ever expanding network of international offices and working agreements/partnerships with a number of international inspection companies.  Our services cover a broad range of commodities including bulk solids and liquids, petroleum, food and agri-products.


Certispec’s objective is to manage risk on behalf of our principles by conducting impartial assessments on the quality, quantity, performance and movement of goods during custody transfer and in industrial applications.


Our clients include exporters, importers, manufacturers, traders, government agencies, cargo insurers, financial institutions, ship owners and other freight carriers. In fact, any party interested in obtaining a factual account of goods being manufactured traded or transported.


The product of our service is the Certispec Certificate of Inspection, which provides an accurate record as to the condition, quality, quantity, performance and conformity to contract specifications of the item or goods inspected.


Traders naturally expect and benefit from the efficiency of our services, which includes the most modern means of worldwide communications. Prompt issuance of Certispec certificates of quality and quantity allow clients to complete payment transactions without incurring expensive delays.


Certispec Certificates of Quality and Quantity are widely accepted at international banks, other financial institutions and at most insurance companies.

All our personnel are well qualified and have many years of experience in surveying, inspection and testing both here and in other parts of the world. We have adopted our own Quality Assurance Program (Q.P.) which has been successfully registered to the ISO/IEC 9001Standard at our Vancouver, Montreal, Texas City and Trinidad offices.